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No matter the size of the infestation, Attic Crew excels in delivering outstanding residential pest control services.

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Pests can infiltrate your home through spaces hardly an inch wide.

Rats and mice often invade through vents and chimney pipes, while larger critters may chew or claw their way in via weak spots on your home’s exterior.

The key to permanently eliminating these unwelcomed intruders lies in pinpointing how they enter your property. Don’t wait any longer – safeguard your home and family now with our unmatched pest control solutions.

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    Signs of Rodent Infestation


    Even if you don’t see rodents, you might know they are in the attic because of what they leave behind. Before cleaning up this mess, you will want to completely clear the infestation and seal off the space.

    Chewed Wires and Damaged Structures

    Mice and rats are proficient chewers, and they tend to go after insulation, electrical wires, and wood. You might also note damage on your home’s exterior where larger rodents have chewed their way in.

    Chewed Wires and Damaged Structures

    Strange Noises

    If your attic is simply a storage space where you don’t spend much time, you might identify rodents by the noises they make. Scratching, scraping, and thumping noises in the attic are likely sound effects of a rodent infestation.

     Our highly trained pest control technicians will inspect your home thoroughly, looking for potential entry areas for pests, as well as signs that you may already have some level of infestation.

    Structural Sealing

    When we Rat Proof, we seal the structure searching for every points of entrance in the attic, top of the roof, crawl space, all the way around the property with materials that rodents cannot chew through.

    We use Steel Mesh, Sheet Metal if needed, Concrete, expanded foam, wood and other materials.


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